Sunday, September 7, 2014

Stick Your Tongue Out to Release Tension From Your Body

Stick Your Tongue Out to Release Tension From Your Body
we get stressed, we tense our muscles. Our neck, shoulders and back
all feel tight. One way to release that tension is an exercise that
involves sticking out your tongue.

Entrepreneur contributor Arthur Joseph has an exercise (that you'll probably want to do in private) to help you loosen up a bit:

In front of a mirror, release your tongue and jaw and neck and
shoulder tension by placing two fingertips in your mouth under your
tongue and gently release. Your tongue should appear relaxed, not
concave or convex, simply flaccid (the feeling of drooling). Place your
other hand right under your lip line, forming a V between your thumb and
index finger and gently pull your jaw down a half to one inch.

observing yourself, you will likely see that your tongue pulls back,
your head dips down and your neck and shoulders are tense. As you
consistently do this exercise, you will not only feel more relaxed and
confident, you will appear that way as well.
Sure, it
feels and looks a bit strange, but it's another quick exercise you can
do anywhere and relax a bit more. I'd suggest you wash your hands before
trying this tip.

Develop the Body Language of a Leader With These 5 Exercises | Entrepreneur

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